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The Aging Population and Caregiving

by: Gabby Rogers

While not all the kinship caregivers in our community are grandparents, a large majority of them are.  Having already gone through raising children of their own, most of the grandparents we work with did not think they would be raising their grandchildren at the age of 55+. At this age, there are a lot of other factors that come into consideration on top of raising kiddos from a different generation. 

Many caregivers are experiencing their own health conditions and all that comes with that such as appointments, accommodations, and caring for themselves amidst it all. Several of the caregivers Kinship Connection of Wyoming have encountered have shared that it is a struggle to seek their own care when they are caring for their grandchildren and other kinship children. Everyone is always told to put the oxygen mask on themselves first, but for many it feels more natural to care for their loved ones before caring for themselves. A wonderful resource in Wyoming is the Wyoming Aging and Disability Resource Center which can be viewed  here Their website gives resources for many different struggles’ older adults and individuals with disabilities face on a regular basis.

On top of all the struggle’s kinship caregivers in the aging population face daily, COVID-19 and the extra burden it put on this population happened. Virtual schooling was hard for most parents and caregivers alike, but many in the aging population struggled and continue to struggle with the nooks and crannies of virtual schooling. It is not at all easy to figure out Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and many different platforms individuals were thrown into learning.  In Laramie County, there is a wonderful program through Laramie County School District. The Parent Engagement and Education Partnerships with Schools is a wonderful resource for Cheyenne families in LCSD#1. They can help families with the transitions and struggles COVID-19 has brought to families. While school is in person for LCSD#1 for now, that may not always be the case and they are here to support families through the transitions, worries, and struggles. Information regarding the PEEPS program can be found on the LCSD#1 website at

If you are a caregiver struggling with the impact COVID-19 has had on you and your family, a Kinship Navigator Specialist would love to connect with you and help you NAVIGATE the resources in your community. We are here for you and know that the struggles you face every day are both uniquely difficult and beautiful at the same time. Simply dial 2-1-1 and ask for Kinship Connections of Wyoming. 
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