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October Blog 2022

Mental Health and Wellness

While, talking about our mental health has become more normalized. It is still something many see as a taboo topic. When we are sick with a cold or can’t find answers for our physical health, we see a doctor. We also spend time utilizing preventative health care such as mammograms and yearly wellness checks. Our mental health is just as important as our physical health and it is so important to both practice preventive mental health and address current mental health issues.
The Mental Health Foundation gives us great ideas for preventing mental health issues in our children. Please visit their website here to learn more.

Trauma plays a huge role in mental health and can lead to significant mental health struggles in the future such as PTSD or Substance Abuse Disorder. Having an awareness of how trauma can effect mental health can be huge in helping prevent future problems. As a caregiver, there are practices you can help put in place in your home to foster good mental health. One of the best ways to teach your children to take care of themselves is to take care of you. Often times as caregivers, we forget about ourselves. We are so busy making sure everything is done for everyone else that we often forget about the simple ways of caring for ourselves such as eating, sleeping, and even showering. Find ways to make yourself a priority, watching you as an example is huge for your children. Another fantastic way to help your children learn to practice good self care and mental health prevention is implementing mindfulness into your daily life, exercising together, eating together, and creating healthy routines. Our navigators our specifically trained in how to help foster these routines into your daily life. Please reach out to your navigator or get connected by dialing 2-1-1. They have some great ideas waiting for you
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