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Kinship Connections of Wyoming strives to provide educational and training resources for kinship caregivers so that they feel supported throughout the caregiving process. We keep a library of educational sources, important contacts, helpful data and references to local services for Laramie and Natrona Counties to promote child safety and permanency.

If you are unable to find the resource you are looking for in our library, fill out our contact form with any questions, or call 2-1-1 and one of our staff will assist you.

Kinship Care Information

Kinship Connections of Wyoming BrochureKinship Connections of Wyoming BrochureDownload
Kinship Connections of Wyoming Newsletter ArchiveKinship Connections of Wyoming Newsletter ArchiveVisit

Community Resources

Kinship Connections of Wyoming Facebook Support GroupKinship Connections of Wyoming Facebook Support GroupVisit
DFS COVID-19 InformationDFS COVID-19 InformationVisit
Wyoming 2-1-1 ResourcesWyoming 2-1-1 ResourcesVisit

Kinship Research and Data

GrandFacts: State facts for grandparents & other relatives raising childrenGrandFacts: State facts for grandparents & other relatives raising childrenVisit

Kinship Care Forms

Permission to Contact Form (Referral)Permission to Contact Form (Referral)Download
Caregiver Stress ScaleCaregiver Stress ScaleDownload
Caregiver Stress Scale Online FormCaregiver Stress Scale Online FormVisit
Consent to Participate in Evaluation StudyConsent to Participate in Evaluation StudyDownload
Consent to Participate in Evaluation Study Online FormConsent to Participate in Evaluation Study Online FormVisit
Family Needs AssessmentFamily Needs AssessmentDownload
Family Needs Assessment Online FormFamily Needs Assessment Online FormVisit
Participation AgreementParticipation AgreementDownload
Participation Agreement Online FormParticipation Agreement Online FormVisit
Permission to Contact Online FormPermission to Contact Online FormVisit
Authorization to Release and Exchange InformationAuthorization to Release and Exchange InformationDownload

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