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Winter Blues

For most, this year feels like the winter that will never end. We have gotten a glimpse of sunshine and then another snow storm comes rearing its head. Seasonal depression is very real and seems to affect those with family trauma in a significant way.  While November and December seem to bring about a lot of memories that are painful, January- March seem to bring about isolation. We feel those memories and then we sit with them for 3 more months, and in Wyoming it can be even longer. Here at Kinship Connections of Wyoming, we want you to know you are not alone. Whether it is you or your kinship child struggling with seasonal depression, we are here. Here are some great ways to bring some sunshine into your winter. 

  1. Get moving! Go outside when you can. Bundle up and walk even if it is 10 mins. 
  2. Find winter activities that bring you joy such as snow shoeing, building a snow man, or having a snowball fight.
  3. Find and explore new indoor hobbies like crocheting, journaling, painting or baking. 
  4. Stay connected. Summer there are always bbqs and days at the lake. Plan winter game nights, Trivia, crafting parties. Remember to connect with your kinship children even on the cold days 
  5. Keep to a schedule. This will help you and your kinship children from avoiding the world and isolating all day. 
Remember it is okay to struggle and seasonal depression is real. If you need to talk, please reach out to your kinship Navigator and we will get you connected to the resources you need. 

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