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Back to School 2023

Back to school is here. For many this is an exciting time because it means a return of structure and routine, while others are experience other emotions around returning to school. This time of year is very busy and full of changes, which as you know, for kids who have experienced trauma can be even more difficult. We are here to remind you that you are doing amazing and we have got your back as we go back to school. One of the biggest factors in being successful, or as successful as you can be, as your children return to school is structure and routine. Here is an idea on how to get structure started, continued, or revamped. To learn even more visit,

Tips for back to school routines
1.      Create a routine for each part of the day
a.      Morning routine
b.      Lunch routine
c.      After school routine
d.      Homework routine
e.      Bedtime routine
2.      Add in self care in these routines for yourself and your child. For example, after homework there is time for free choice like playing, exercising, reading a book, or having short periods of screen time.
3.      For children who have experienced trauma, routines and structure are even more crucial than a typical child. They create safety and trust when they often times haven’t been able to trust anything. You get this amazing opportunity to create this for them .
4.      Routines aren’t just great for your children, they are also great for you!
5.      If you need further ideas or help, reach out to a kinship navigator today!!

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